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    Bailiffs and improper conduct

    Unfit behaviour on the part of the bailiff or an assistant is illegal, abuse of position or improper conduct can all lead to revocation of a certificate:


    Deceiving a debtor, Mutton v Sheppard [1905] 66 EG 806


    Presenting himself in public in police livery without the words “POLICE”, R. v Michael Allen Northampton Magistrates Court, October 30 2014


    Illegal Distress, London Central Meat Co v Rae [1905] 13 PMR


    Assaulted a debtor, Woodward v Day [1894] 2 PMR 753


    Drunk bailiff, Gurden Re [1894] 1 PMR 872 or Villenueva v Clark [1890] 33 EG 458

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