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    Ok I have found an answer to my question now thanks, it came from somebody off site….It is quite amazing how bailiffs and enforcement agents get away with what they do… but now this has been clarified it makes their job a lot harder……
    I have been arguing with the FSA over a website ” to remain unnamed ( I don’t want them to be given any excuse to remove their lies)” and have just short of demanded that they slap these people for what I consider to be inciting violence…. I needed a question answering in relation to section 99, sched 7 para 5 of the 2003 courts act. I could not understand how it conflicted with the Tribunals Courts and Enforcement Act 2007. To cut a long story short if you look at the two pictures one is the real act which references Enforcement Officers and the other is the act that has been changed to reference Enforcement Agents. this company is issuing their staff and agents with this falsely revised act to use violence against another.
    They switched enforcement OFFICER with enforcement AGENT when the two have separate legal definitions,
    So I thought I would share this with you just in case you get a visit and they try this one on with you…. I would also like to know as this will give me proof that this is being used in real life and as such It will give me a lot of power to demand their licence is revoked…. but Idoubt if this will happen but still I just wanted to make you all aware…..
    In short it means you have the right to peacefully resist… but this is just my opinion not a legal argument…
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