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    If you are charged with an offence of “obstructing an enforcement agent” under Paragraph 68 of Schedule 12 of the Tribunals, Courts Act 2007 and the enforcement agent was not acting lawfully, then you are not guilty of the offence. If you are charged with “interfering with controlled goods” and the bailiff did not lawfully take control of them, then you are not guilty of the offence. You need to get legal representation straight away. You get all your costs paid. If you are threatened with arrest for a charge which you are not guilty, then you can make a complaint against the police officer to the police Professional Standards department for abuse of police privilege. If you are arrested and released without charge, you can sue for false arrest and unlawful imprisonment. You need expert help to bring this claim against the police force.

    Police threatened you with false arrest, or made a false arrest

    A false arrest is a police officer making an arrest –

    knowing there is no prospect of a conviction

    to cause annoyance

    to expose you to, or cause you an unlawful loss

    You can also claim false imprisonment, even if you were not arrested


    As soon as possible after the arrest or threat has been made, write down everything that happened. Name names, dates times, location, what was said and by whom, how much you have lost, etc. You will need to copy/paste it., or upload it on the next page.

    Gather any supporting evidence. This can be documents, videos and telephone recordings.

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