Enoch Powel wrote the Rivers of Blood Speech and many people argued that it was Racist, it was purely his oppinion of waht might happen in the future if immigration was left uncontroled and or unrestricted amongst other things…

If you cut through this speech and look at a few simple arguments put forward, you can quite easily see that will soon become a reality…. I have stated for many years that if the average Englishman has 1.4 children and the average immigrant has 4.2 children then within 4 generations ethnic minorities as was will become Majorities. This was taken from results I deciphered back in 2010 and relates to Islamic influences.

Today I would not trust the stats put out by the Office Of National Statistics as the fabrication of figures has become extreme…

After winning elections, Muslim parties demanding to declare Belgium as Islamic country.

They want the churches to be shut/converted to mosques.

Huge protests have already started. Is this what is going to happen soon everywhere?

Oh dear bye bye England…………


The 2011 Census showed that almost half (46%, 3.4 million) of the foreign-born population identified with a White ethnic group, a third identified as Asian/Asian British (33%, 2.4 million) and 13% (992,000) identified with Black/African/Caribbean/Black British

More than 1 in 8 foreign-born residents (13%, 949,000) classified themselves as White British

The largest group who identified as White British were German born (57%, 155,000) and over half (56%) of them arrived before 1981. One likely reason is due to British military personnel being stationed in Germany. The next largest group identifying as White British were from South Africa (85,000)

A quarter of the foreign-born population identified as Other White (28%, 2.1 million) and the largest group were from Poland (528,000). Over 9 in 10 Polish born residents identified with Other White and the majority (94%, 496,000) arrived between 2001 and 2011, with Poland’s accession into the European Union in 2004

The majority of South African born residents identified as White (84%) and over two fifths identified as White British (44%). Most of those identifying with White British (68%) arrived before 2001

A broad range of ethnic groups was found with Iraqi and Iranian born residents. For Iraq, most common was Arab (39%), Any Other ethnic group (28%) and Asian (17%). For Iran, most common was Asian/Asian British (38%), Any Other ethnic group (34%) and Other White (13%)

High proportions of residents who were Kenyan, Tanzanian and Ugandan born identified as Asian (69%, 68% and 58% respectively)

Of the foreign-born population in England and Wales nearly half identified as Christian (48%) and a fifth identified as Muslim (19%). Around 1 in 7 had No religion (14%) so I would suggest you consider the whole argument before spouting off complete garbage, because you can not be bothered or are to ignorant to understand the implications…along with cherry picking parts and making assunptions based on the information within those cherry picked elements. If you now look at the 2001 census Christian: 72.0%
Muslim: 3%
Hindu: 1%
Sikh: 0.6%
Jewish: 0.5%
Buddhist: 0.3%
You will see that the islamic faith “predominantly Muslim” has risen from 3% to 19% or 1/5th of the population.. as we are now in 2019 8 years later on from the 2011 census we can quite easilly assume that a further 7% can be added to this total which would allow us to assume that around 25% or 1/4 of the people in the UK are of the islamic faith….

 When the day comes of my 4th generation argument,, please do not come crying to me! For I will be dead and your children will be living under sharia law and praying to Allah. So the 4th generation is upon us.. we are now living in the 3rd generation of my argument so if those children are now Six and they have children then within 40 years you will be living under a Islamic majority and therefore Islamic law….

You could also look at this and say on average it is a 1% increase year on year as our majority stands at 48% of the population and theirs stands at 23% then with a 1% year on year increase the majority influence will have control in 26 years. I have just had it pointed out to me that I have used the figures for the foreign born population not the figures for the overall population where Muslims account for 8% not 19%.

Based on my assumptions and taken from the ONS the average increase of .51% year on year changes my assumptions from 26 years to 41 years before majority control is achieved…which supports my 4th generation argument so thank you for the information allowing me this correction… So just to be sure I change the following…You will see that the islamic faith “predominantly Muslim” has risen from 3% to 8% of the population.. as we are now in 2019 8 years later on from the 2011 census we can quite easilly assume that a further 4.4% can be added to this total which would allow us to assume that around 12.4% of the people in the UK are of the islamic faith….even reducing these figures to support the correction and in considering the areas that are subject to sharia law makes the outcome far worse than previously described… for the figures were based on 25% not 12.4% yet the areas where sharia law exist has not dropped in relation… So if 12.4% of the population not 25% is causing so much disturbance and not as put 25% god help the UK.

You see it does not really matter about figures and percentages, for all this allows a person to do is make assumptions as I have over an estimated time period relating to majority control… It really is about how minorities are affecting the majority and the affects of that minority influence upon Great Britain and the people that reside within along with the influences that could affect your rights as a resident of this land… The more people that argue that my figures are wrong and are to high the greater the affect in time those over exagerated figures will have… The more I reduce those figures the greater the influence of the minority at present day.

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    You really want this in the UK

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